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We Are One Of The Leading Distributors Of Rubber In Africa

The Natural Rubber Cup Lump is an Agro-Industrial Enterprise incorporated to acquire, develop and operate extensive rubber plantation. NRCL is owned by some investors and individuals, under the technical supervision of the workers. The share capital is 53,503,180,084 billion FCFA. The Corporation grows Rubber, in the Littoral and South West Regions. From these crops, it produces semi finished high quality rubber for local and export markets. The plantations cover a total area of 22,262 Ha

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About US

In 2022, Cameroon produced one million, two hundred thousand tons of rubber. About 60% is processed locally, the rest being exported as cup lumps. By 2025, production should reach two million tons and if the same proportions are maintained, Cameroon will have to export eight hundred thousand tons of rubber in the form of cup lumps.

It was with this in mind that the shareholders Bernard Bordeneuve and Christopher Quarshie decided to create Natural Rubber Cup Lumps(NRCL) with the objective of exporting cup lumps rubber in the first instance. To achieve this, we canvassed cooperatives in the South West region and Littoral Region of Cameroon and established links in order to be able to respond to strong demand. The production of rubber is almost linear, which means that we do not need to keep stocks. Purchases will be contracted with the cooperatives in order to secure our supplies according to each contract. In the South West Region, the distance to the port is about 439 km, in the Centre about 100 km, and in the South West Region about 439 km.

The road network in both the South West Region Littoral Region has been upgraded in the last two years. We can respond to requests for 1,000 or 2,000 tons very quickly and commit to a minimum of one year, with a review or readjustment of the price every three months. For larger volumes we will need to secure supplies from cooperatives in order to reassure our customers. Our prices are affordable, and we are looking for a LC from a first-class bank. In order to answer your request, we are waiting for your LOI.

Are you looking for a Natural Cup Lump Rubber Exporter to wholesale source quantities of cup lump rubber in its purest form? Look no further; NRCL has a large selection of rubber cup lumps available at amazing rates, including wholesale deals. If you want to purchase rubber cup lumps, you can consult us for rubber lumps in bulk.

Wholesale pricing may be found on NRCL for a range of rubber cup lumps for sale, including customized rubber cup lumps. We mostly provide cup lumps from African nations like Cameroon to TSR manufacturers around the world. Additionally, we maintain constant quality, with roughly 70% of DRC as cup lump that has been properly dried before shipping.

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Our manufacturer partners provide a range of natural rubber grades from more than 200 plants in the nations where it is produced. Tire manufacturers, adhesive businesses, TSR processing facilities, shoe manufacturers, rubber product manufacturers, highly sensitive pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, etc., are some of our key clients.