SVR 10 (TSR 10)


Dirt content (max% wt), retained on 45 micron sieve: 0,08

Ash content (max % wt): 0,50: 0,60

Nitrogen content (max % wt): 0,60

Volatile matter (max % wt): 0,80

Initial plasticity ( Po ) (min):30

Plasticity retention index (PRI) (min): 50



    ready for distribution.jpegSVR 10 (TSR 10) is a type of natural rubber produced from secondary latex, so the nature of rubber is hard. But when using this rubber mixed with RSS, CV50 and Latex will produce very good products, especially meeting the basic requirements of tire technology.


    The raw material for processing this rubber is secondary latex (latex, cup, latex) they are mixed together in a suitable proportion to create quality products.


    A bale of SVR 10 natural rubber with a label on a iron pallet

    The different nature from the raw materials used to process this type of natural rubber requires a more rigorous quality control than classes derived from latex (SVR L, CV). The production of rubber crumb from rubber latex takes a lot of steps: preliminary washing of materials, chopping, shredding (reducing size), drying …

    ready for distribution.jpeg ready for distribution.jpeg

    ready for distribution.jpeg ready for distribution.jpeg



    SVR 10 (TSR 10) has the nature of hardness. Therefore, in tire technology, rubber is mixed with low-level RSS and CV50 to produce high quality products.


    In addition, it is combined with grades from latex to create a GP (general purpose) product that meets the basic requirements of tire technology.


    Other applications include: tire repair industry, anti-shock cushioning products, railway rubber.



    SVR 10 (TSR 10) is produced entirely from latex of garden plants according to Cameroonian standards (TCVN: 3769). Firstly, latex is preserved by ammonia or sodium sulfite. Then the rubber is then coagulated with formic acid, followed by shredding by passing through a rolling mill, washing system and hash. After the crumb rubber is dried, it will be compressed into blocks and packed in polyethylene bags. SVR 3L rubber is a light colored rubber with a low content of dirt and odorless.

    Finally, our SVR 10 (TSR 10) rubber processing production line is supplied and maintained periodically by a reputable company in the mechanical industry, manufacturing production lines and water treatment systems. waste in Cameroon rubber industry.

    production process.jpeg production process.jpeg production process.jpeg production process.jpeg production process.jpeg


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